Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 Reviews

The Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 is and adorable kitchen appliance that not only beautifies your kitchen counter but also has an amazing functionality.

Its combination of an extremely powerful pulsing action and patented Ninja technology easily portrays this drink and food mixer as the best of its kind. Clearly designed for those who would like to prepare food and drinks quick and easy, the manufacturers ensured that they placed all the power on your hands. This means that you can monitor each and every process and pulse needed to control the uniquely stacked Ninja blades for consistent results when needed. This durable drink and food mixer comes with three processing containers which include a brand new 40 oz, a processing bowl with lids and splashguards for each of the three processing containers. From the outward look to its functionality, this kitchen appliance is worth trying out.

Why I like the Ninja Master Prep Professional qb1004

Prior to laying my hands on this products, I had purchased quite a few others but none had really met my definition of a great food and drink blender. Below are some of the many integral aspects that made me stick to The Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 up to date. Functionality is the key difference between a good blender and an underperforming one. When shopping for blenders you will normally find that those with a powerful blender are usually sold at a very high price. This leaves those who are budget conscious with no other viable option other than purchasing those with a weak blending system that will cease to function within a very short period of time. The Ninja Master- Prep professional qb1004 is very unique compared to other existing drink and food mixers. While most blenders usually have inherent flaw of only being able to blend what is at the bottom, the Ninja qb1004 has strategically positioned blades that ensure your food is chopped and easily blended to your satisfaction. This is a relief to those other people like me who found it rather difficult to blend a mixture of fruits and ice cubes since the latter would never reach the blades at the bottom of your blender. The result would be semi-blended fruit and large chunks of ice which is not an ideal drink during any kind of weather. Cleaning the Ninja Master- Prep professional qb1004 just got a little bit easier thanks to a beautiful design not seen in any other blending machine. The manufacturers behind this product understand that kitchen appliance need to be kept clean even if they are used in a busy environment. All the previous blenders I have used would normally give me a headache during cleaning since I would be required to scrap fine remains of fruits and food from the blades though a very difficult procedure. Come The Ninja Master -Prep professional qb1004 and you are assured to clean it thoroughly within a short period of time. Its blades are not rooted at the bottom meaning that you can unscrew the upper part to clean the interior any time you feel like.

Product Features and Specifications

For you to get an overview of what makes this product interesting, here is a list of all the features and specifications that you need to know.
  • Weight: The Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 is an extremely portable device weighing only 6.8 pounds. Total weight when packed is 8 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: Handling this kitchen appliance is pretty easy since it has dimensions of only 11.40 inches x 19.10 inches x 7.30 inches.
  • Processor: It contains 3 processing containers both with lids and also a processing bowl. It also contains a 450 watt motor for incredible functionality.
  • Blender: The blender has strategically positioned blades that work well to achieve desired results.
  • Capacity: The blender has extended capacity with 3 processing containers with one having over 40 oz in capacity.
  • Designed and developed with patented Ninja technology.
  • Has dishwasher safe parts that can be assembled and reassembled with ease.
Before you slice and dice your way in to the smoothie haven, here are the major advantages and disadvantages of this product.

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